Narwhal Instructions

Welcome to the Apex Cool Labs Community! You’re officially a #CoolLaborator. Let's get you started using your Narwhals. 

What’s Included in the Box

  • Two Narwhal™ Bases & Tops
  • Four Cool-not-Cold™ Packs 
  • Two Insulating Caps

Quick Start Guide

Attention: Proper Narwhal set up will optimize their performance and your gains! Make sure the fill water is between 60-65°F (16-18°C). We recommend using a thermometer. 

  1. Freeze the Cool-not-Cold packs upright overnight.
  2. Place the Cool-not-Cold packs in the Narwhal base.
  3. Add ~1.5 cups (350 ml) of 60-65°F (16-18°C) water. The water should be ¼ inch (6 mm) below the rubber seal lip. Fill temperature matters!
  4. Screw on the Narwhal lid snugly, but avoid over tightening.
  5. Wait ~10 minutes for the Narwhals to cool. For transport, use the insulating caps. 
  6. To cool your palms, gently hold the Narwhal horns. No need to squeeze.
  7. For best performance, swirl the Narwhal slightly as needed.

No Freezer, No Problem

If you’re on the road, without access to a freezer, but you need your Narwhals for palm cooling, here’s how to do it! 

  1. Freeze your Cool-not-Cold packs in a bucket of ice or cover them with ice in your hotel sink.
  2. Adjust your fill temperature to 50°F (10°C) instead of 60-65°F (16-18°C). 

The reason you use cooler water with this method is because when you freeze your Cool-not-Cold packs in a freezer, they reach 0°F (-18°C). However, when you use an ice bucket, your packs only reach 32°F (0°C). Using cooler water ensures that the handles of the Narwhals maintain the correct temperature for palm cooling. 


My Narwhals aren't staying cool enough or lasting more than two hours.

  • If your tap water is too warm, you can add ice cubes. As a general rule, for every 6°F above 65°F (3°C above 18°C), add one ice cube. Ex: if your tap water is 71°F (21°C) add one ice cube. 
  • Make sure the Cool-not-Cold packs are frozen. Overnight in the freezer is ideal. 
  • If the horns don’t feel cool, gently swirl the Narwhals.

My Narwhals are leaking water.

Empty a small amount of water, next time add no more than ~1.5 cups (350 ml) of water. Fill no more than where the arrows are pointing. 

Narwhal: Palm Cooling Device Fill Line

The Cool-Not-Cold Pack is stuck.

This situation can happen if you empty your Narwhals while the Cool-Not-Cold packs are still mostly frozen. Simply pull gently on the pack to remove it.

My Narwhal horns have gotten darker.

A slight patina is normal and will not impact the efficacy of your Narwhals.

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